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FIA Event - Mindful Workshop

FIA Event - Mindful Workshop

Join us for a mindful workshop! Practice a positive outlet for your own self care and boost your mental health with creative therapy and plants!


Choose between a 4 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch Paint & Plant Kit. Our 6 inch Paint & Plant Kit is the most popular size for paint parties but it is totally your preference! No matter what, all supplies are included for you to get creative and give yourself a mental health boost! 


What do you receive?

- Terracotta Pot to paint (your choice in size) 

- Terracotta Water Dish to paint

- Paints

- Brushes

- a Bag of Soil

- a Plant of choice

* We seal the paint on your masterpiece before you plant your new plant friend!*


What you need to bring?

- Your own creativeness!


We DO NOT instruct on what each individual is going to paint on their planters. There are increased mental health benefits when getting creative on your own! When getting creative, you're pulling from the left hemisphere of your brain. In turn, increasing your serotonin levels and decreasing any type of stress, depression, anxiety, along with numerous other mental health ailments, that we all may fall victim to. We will most definitely assist you! But, we will not instruct step by step.


Once you paint your pot (the paint dries pretty quick) we will seal your planter and then assist you on planting whichever plant you choose!


All ticket purchases help RejuveNate - Plants & Wellness continue to spread the message of the importance of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention!

  • Terms & Conditions

    Refunds: All event ticket purchases are nonrefundable! If you are no longer able to make this event, your ticket purchase can be applied to a future event hosted by RejuveNate. Your ticket purchase will only qualify for the amount in which you originally purchased. Should there be a balance owed, you will owe the difference. Should you no longer be able to attend an event, please make us aware as soon as possible. 

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