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Plants & Kids

Kids seem to flock to our plants, especially our baby planters. They love them, and little do they know a simple, little thing can help with SO much.

Gardening and growing their own plants help educate children in NUMEROUS ways. Not only does raising their own plants increase; understanding, responsibility, help with reasoning and discovery and instills self-confidence, it also helps to promote their emotional well-being and boosts self-esteem. Even putting one single plant in a room can improve the air-quality, increase attentiveness, boost concentration and reduce stress and anxiety – all improving and increasing our learning.

A study found that children (especially children that have Attention Deficit symptoms) who participated in activities while surrounded by green or natural settings, saw a significant reduction with any type of symptoms they may have demonstrated. They also found “green” space improved their academics and increased focus and concentration. All improving their ability to learn new things, aiding in retaining information and promoting a positive learning environment.

Not only do our plants help our brains! BUT, so do out pots! Seeing certain colors helps with a variety of things like; productivity, calmness, concentration and more! Bold colors such as Reds and Oranges, not only attracts attention and increases alertness, but may also increase a child’s IQ by 12%! Different shades of blues, suggest calmness and comfort, while yellows create positive feelings and promote creativity. Just by seeing a color! How wild, right? And you know, we LOVE our colorful pots!

Times are tough right now with our makeshift classrooms based out of our kitchens. Why not give our kids a little boost, without them even knowing it!

Consider adding a plant to your new, at home school-house!

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