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Sage Smudge Bundle

Sage Smudge Bundle

Our sage bundles are ethically sourced from California. We hand wrap each bundle with dried naturals, most of which are grown in our backyard! 


Here are some reasons why you should sage your house! It's not just to get rid of the goons and goblins, either! 

Saging your house helps to remove up to 94% of harmful airborne bacteria in the air, giving us cleaner air to breathe. 

Burning Sage also known as smudging is used to cleanse the air by releasing negative ions and helps to neutralize positive ions, making the energy around us more free. When we get stressed, angry or tense there is a buildup of positive ions in the air that is being released from our bodies. The energy in the room becomes stagnant with an imbalance of positive ions. Positive ions can cause us to feel tired and burnt out.Smudging helps to turn positive ions back to negative ones helping to have purer and cleaner air. 

Burning sage also helps to increase our clarity, awareness and improves our modd. Studies have shown that smudging with sage helps us to think more clearly and enhances our memory. It's been shown to quicken our senses, as your awareness goes up. 

The smoke from the smudging medicine has been used to help aid in lung, brain and skin function. Research has shown that over 50 countries have found that the smoke has been used since ancient times to help improve our respiratory system, our nervous system. 

The smoke helps to heighten our state of mind, so we can think pure thoughts and feel good physically and spiritually. Smudging has long been used to connect with spiritual realms and enhance intuition. It helps to cleanse a space of negative energy, to generate wisdom and clarity and to promote healing.

Burning Sage is a traditional remedy for treating anxiety, depression and mood disorders. Tradition suggests that smudging can literally lift one’s spirits and banish negativity. It's also used to heal, protect, increase wisdom and boost defense against airborne allergens and diseases. 

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