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"Through Medicinal Healing and the Power of Art, we continuously strive towards RejuveNating Mental Health."



"Through Medicinal Healing and the Power of Art, we continuously strive towards RejuveNating Mental Health."​

Our mission is to bring awareness to Mental Health and Suicide Prevention through hope, love, art and nature. We therapeutically hand-paint all pottery pieces and pair them with air purifying plants to help bring to light the conversation of mental health, within your home. Our mission is to educate individuals of the importance of mental health education and to empower the acceptance of mental health in our community. 

On February 9, 2020, we lost our Brother and Son, Nate. He was 25 years old; 10 days shy of his 26th birthday. We dedicate everything that is apart, will be apart and comes out of RejuveNate to Nate and his life. 


All plants are oxygen pumping, air purifying cleansers that help to remove harmful toxins and volatile organic compounds found in our everyday household products. It’s scientifically proven that being around green space helps to decrease depression, stress and anxiety, along with a multitude of other beneficial health factors. Interacting with plants and participating in creative therapy are natural stress relievers and help to increase serotonin levels. We help to bring an awareness and acceptance amongst individuals of all walks of life, and to educate individuals of all ages on the mental health benefits through the practice of art and plant therapy!

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Kind Words

Moody B.

"When I walked into this store, the calming warm energy just rushed through my body and I felt like I was able to take a deep relieving breath of fresh air. The employees at this beloved store make you feel like family and every plant is treated with so much loving care & respect - I recommend this shop to everyone."

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